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Jobhanta is an initiative aimed at equipping talents and matching them with appropriate jobs that make adequate use of their knowledge, skills set & experience and present them with opportunities for career advancement.

Jobhanta discovers, trains job applicants with needed soft skills in the workplace such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, public speaking and so on. Jobhanta also assists job applicants with drafting and finetuning their CVs, Resumes, Cover Letters, Capacity Statements & Personal & Professional Profiles.

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Top Talent

The Top Talent Initiative aims to gather individuals who are willing to strive for excellence and groom their careers fast. We are looking for candidates who are ready to face various challenges within different environments, people, and cultures. The Top Talent Initiative brings these people together to go through different activities all aimed at empowering and equipping them to become the best in their fields and as such scout after Top Talents. The main initiatives under the Top Talent Initiative are:
- Top Talent Challenge
- Top Talent Progfram
- Top Talent Career Fair

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Global Internship Challenge

The Global Internship Challenge offers highly motivated individuals an opportunity to be exposed to different environments and work cultures through the acquisition of Internship Placements in diverse highly stimulating corporations. The program encourages individuals to bring new perspectives and innovative ideas to an 8 week challenge where the 5 finalists will stand the change of the covert internship. Also, the Global Internship Challenge provides a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and network with international professionals dedicated to increasing their skill set and becoming the most marketable and employable talent.

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